Coming Up With Excellent Business Essay Topics For High School

Finding original and interesting business essay topics is not easy. Students have been writing for the longest time and there is a chance that your topic of choice has already been covered. You can, however, have an easy time if you consider the following tips:

  • Go through the instructions first
  • Your tutor may have specific suggestions on how and where to find a topic and thus, it is wise to go through the instructions first. You should specifically consider whether they have indicated the specific areas that you must cover in your writing. As well, take note of the recommended length and the number of sources required.

  • Think about your interests
  • Essay writing does not have to be an undesirable activity that you must engage in to get good grades. You can actually enjoy the whole process if you find a topic that is interesting to you. Go through the course outline and find out if there are areas that you liked and hence select a topic from such areas. Further, as you go through various books and journal articles, find out if there are outstanding areas that you may want to research and write about.

  • Consider your audience
  • As much as you may be excited about a topic, your audience may find it irrelevant or too broad. As such, find out the aspects that will interest your audience such as your tutor or other students.

  • Have a group discussion
  • Before selecting a topic, you may want to involve other students. Hold a discussion and request them to brainstorm on some of the topics that they find relevant in the field. As well, ask them to give their honest opinion on what they feel about your topics of choice.

  • Find the sources first
  • You will be disappointed if you do not select a topic that has a lot of information to write about. Therefore, go through various books, articles and websites and find out if there is sufficient information on a topic. At this point, you could modify the topic or change it.

If you are still stuck in finding the right business topic, you should consider the following suggestions:

  1. Advantages gained by businesses that contribute to charity. Find a relevant case study to explain the concepts
  2. Social media privacy and businesses
  3. The economics of feminism. Does this generate chaos in the business environment?
  4. How the e-commerce has changed the profitability levels of businesses
  5. Credit cards and how their use affect businesses
  6. Outsourcing of tasks to India and other countries
  7. Elimination of paper money in the bid to save the natural resources
  8. Gun control laws and their impact on the firearm business
  9. Business ethics-focus on the recent scandals involving reputable firms
  10. Impact of entrepreneurship in developing nations

Finding the right topic for your business essay necessitates that you look deeper into the existing literature and in the process come up with your unique point of view.

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