15 Topics To Explore In A Business Law College Essay

A business law essay allows you to explore and understand all the laws that govern starting and running businesses. Your tutor will require you to pick a topic in the field and come up with an award winning piece. If you are not sure about the best topic to write about, here are some suggestions to help you through:

  1. Undue influence during signing of contracts
  2. Here, you may want to focus on a case study of a business person who has gone through undue influence in signing a contract. You can then use the existing law to determine the options that such a person has in the case.

  3. Paternity leave for fathers
  4. Should the business law be amended to allow fathers to go on a paternity leave? Would it affect their productivity levels at work?

  5. Smoking employees
  6. Many employers prohibit the employees from smoking while working. They may be suspended if they go against such rules. Is it right to penalize the employees for smoking? Which is the best punishment for the smokers?

  7. Pirate websites
  8. How have the pirate websites affected the profitability of legal businesses? This topic has a lot of information and will be interesting for the businesses using the digital platforms for marketing and advertising.

  9. Buying judge services in developing countries
  10. Are these cases only unique to the developing nations? How are businesses affected by such level of corruption? A case study will help you to explain your arguments.

  11. Detecting fraud
  12. Are the existing methods of detecting fraud in business effective? Consider the weaknesses and strengths of the law in this area.

  13. Avoiding sexual harassments law suits
  14. A law suit will drain business resources and ruin its reputation. Focus on how business can avoid sexual harassment law suits.

  15. Employment of people with a criminal history
  16. An experienced business person may be locked out of employment because of their criminal history. Is this right? Can the potential employee sue a business for discrimination?

  17. Handling accidents at the work place
  18. You can focus on the legality of the measures taken to handle accidents that occur in many businesses.

  19. Trade secrets
  20. Here, you will be getting into the depths of the legality of keeping some secrets from business’ clients.

  21. Trademark issues
  22. Is it possible to justify infringement of a trademark? You could focus on case studies to make your ideas clearer.

  23. Importance of disclaimers
  24. Can the disclaimers aid business to avoid law suits? Use real examples to elaborate your perspective.

  25. Workers compensation
  26. Find out how business people can compensate workers well and thus avoid law suits. As well, find out what the law says about the rights of workers if they are not compensated accordingly.

  27. Suing for ideas
  28. As people suggest various ideas in business, they may want to either be compensated well or even be recognized in a company. Can they sue if a business uses the idea without involving them?

  29. Affirmative action
  30. Does the affirmative action element apply to or affect the business world?

As you explore all the topics listed above, you will find one that has a lot of information and that is interesting to you. You could also consult professional writers for more suggestions.

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