How To Write A Creative Essay For High School: Expert's Guide

Creative essay writing allows you to describe and explore some moments or period of your life. It can be categorized into descriptive and narrative writing. Regardless of the category you opt for, you must be able to express your opinion well and entertain the audience. The following tips will help you to achieve this:

  • Using the right language is crucial
  • One of the most important aspects on how to write a creative essay is that the language should be right. Specially, the essay must be rich in imagery and modifiers in order to describe the events well and to entertain the reader.

  • The first-person voice will help you tell the story better
  • Unless informed otherwise, you should use first person voice in creative essay writing. This will help you to express your thoughts and emotions well. In fact, such an aspect will make your ideas look honest and accurate.

  • Focus on interesting topics
  • You may often be tempted to choose a topic that will please your teachers and other readers. However, as you do this, it will be difficult to be creative and have fun while writing. In this light, you must always choose an interesting topic so that your ideas will flow effortlessly.

  • Focus on a few ideas and expound on them
  • No need to write down many ideas in a creative essay. Rather, focus on a few ideas and explain them well. As you start writing, list down the main ideas and determine whether you have enough examples to explain them. Doing so will help you to eliminate details that can make your essay lengthy and uninteresting to your audience.

  • Write the body first
  • Your creative essay should have the introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction part must capture the attention of the audience. This can be daunting for you to create from the on-set. However, the ideas will flow as you write the main body. You must, therefore, write the main body and hence focus on the introduction and finally, the conclusion.

Precisely, by choosing the right language, topic, structure, and ideas, it is possible to come up with an award winning creative essay.

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