Decent Advice on How to Construct a Personal Experience Essay Properly

An essay about personal experience needs to capture the reader’s attention and should be written in first person. As a writer, you can maximize the impact by:

  • Creating a piece that will have an emotional effect on the reader
  • Utilize vivid imagery and details
  • Include references to sensory emotions and perceptions

Understanding the assignment’s composition

It’s always advisable to begin by understanding the essay’s composition. A simple structure will have three main parts: introduction, body and conclusion.

  • Introduction:Use an interesting sentence that will hook your readers to start the piece. You need them to read more so why not introduce the paper with a bang?
  • Body: This part of the assignment needs to have at least three paragraphs although this is often determined by the length of a paper. It informs readers about your topic. An outline will help you to organize your ideas.
    Paragraphs have the same structure. They need to start with a sentence that draws the reader in. Middle sentences offer more information on the point while the conclusion sentence will drive home the writer’s view and introduce the next point.
  • Conclusion: An assignment cannot be complete without a final paragraph that summarizes the points and states the final opinion. Here you need to provide lessons or insights learned. An ideal conclusion must be tied to the opening paragraph.

Being specific with descriptions

Your personal experience essay ideas offer your unique view on the topic. Ensure that you are descriptive and use your senses. Place the reader in your shoes and assist them to experience everything you felt, saw, heard, smelled or tested. Did you have sweaty hands or drooping shoulders? Assist the reader to experience your piece. Personal essays are personal, meaning you are writing something about yourself. This means you will write in first person and use the pronoun “I”. You will be speaking for yourself although you can make other peoples’ observations. Even if you end up making observations of other, note that you can’t speak on their behalf or know exactly what their thoughts are.
Many personal experience essays can be written in past tense. You will be relating to something that has already happened to you or how you feel about something when you cite the examples. You can also create the paper in present tense if you like. The key point is to be consistent no matter the tense you choose to use. There is no need for you to keep switching around as that can confuse the reader.

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